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The cookies we use

We use cookies. making services to improve your business experience and analyze site usage. We also use cookies to provide better offers and more personalized product recommendations.

Some of the site's content may require cookies to be approved, for example, from e-commerce purchasing without cookies. We mainly use permanent cookies stored in your browser, which are valid for a few months. For some features, we also use seat-specific cookies.

What is cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a browser stores on a user's terminal. Using an anonymous unique identifier in a text file, we can identify and calculate different browsers visiting our site.
The user is not recognized on the basis of cookies alone, and we do not combine the service tracking information with other data (e.g., customer data). Cookies do not move online, but they are placed in the user terminal only with the site called by the user. Only a server that sent a cookie can later read and use the cookie. Cookies or other technologies do not harm the user's terminal or files, and cookies can not be used to access programs or spread malware.
The user can not be identified by using cookies alone. With respect to privacy legislation and information regarding the processing of personal data provided to users, information obtained through cookies and other similar technologies can be linked to the information provided by the user, possibly with other information, as described in the Privacy Portal.

The table below gives you more information about using cookies and other similar technologies.


Of cookies

Cookie Tools

Intended Use

Advertising management / targeting:
Facebook Custom audience
Cookies allow us to look at the functionality and offer of digital advertising for the most relevant advertising.
Product / Service Development:
Google Analytics
We aim to improve our online service experience through web analytics. Tools help us to use the site and the number of visitors.
Chat / Customer Service With our Chat service we want to provide our users with a fast and easy customer service channel on our web site
The functionality of the web service
Shopping basket

Cookies are used to enable web service functionality such as maintaining the contents of a shopping cart throughout the purchase line.


How can you influence tracking?

You can prevent cookies and javascript services from working with your browser settings. Some of our site functionality may not work properly at that time.

  • Creating a new cookie profile: By regularly erasing cookies from your browser, the user changes the tag on which the user creates a recognized behavioral profile. However, this does not completely stop collecting data or targeting digital advertising, but rather zeroing out the focus on past behavioral information.
  • You may revoke any consent you provide to your location information, so your advertising will not be targeted by location. However, the user should note that this also prevents the presentation of the location-related content.
  • The user can block all or part of the promotion of advertising
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