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What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that are installed on the computer you use on our site and they provide us with information automatically. Cookies can by no means be considered a computer virus. They do not hurt the computer or slow it down in any way. You can delete cookies at any time or discard them by placing your browser. Cookies are only related to a particular computer conflict (anonymous user) and do not provide the user's name and surname. Cookies allow registrants' browsers to be identified for registration for the first time without registering, without logging in for each visit to access exclusively reserved areas and services. Our "cookies" are used to identify a user's session ("session cookies") and / or computer ("temporary cookies"), and do not provide username or other personal information. Cookies can not read cookies created by other service providers. The user has configured their browser to receive a warning to receive cookies and prevent cookies from being installed on the hard disk. For more information, see the browser's tutorials and guides.

We use two different cookies on our website


Third-party Web Analytics Cookies:


– GOOGLE ANALYTICS (Google Inc.) They are statistical cookies to help us get useful information to improve our websites.

- Used on Facebook (Facebook Inc.) to provide re-targeting services.

- Smartlook (, s.r.o) uses. They are statistical cookies that allow us to detect the potential problems that 
users are browsing to improve our website. You can set up your browser so you do not get these cookies, and then they will be rejected. Otherwise, we understand that
we have rights install cookies

Cookies are created on our website with different functions:

User Verification / Session Cookies: Used to identify registered users who are logged on our website. These cookies allow you to access restricted access categories on a website. In case of abandoning or deleting these cookies, your website's operating codes will not work correctly.

Interface customization cookies:

Used to facilitate the navigation of web pages. They give some graphical aspects to the web pages automatically. In case of abandoning or deleting these cookies, browsing our website does not work that simple.

If you have any doubts about using cookies, you can contact us by email:

From your browser, you can remove the cookies installed on your computer. Cookies are installed for each browser and you must remove them from the browser you use on our site. Here are some guidelines on how it works with the major browsers:






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